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January 24: National Girl Child Day

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For every girl and every woman, Menstrual Hygeine is as important as Menstrual Cycle and so, empowering girls and women through Menstrual Hygeine Awareness Sessions was our main goal on the occasion of the National Girl Child Day.
The NGCD is celebrated on the 24th of January each year all over India.
IAP Mumbai in collaboration with an NGO, Adarsh Foundation took up this extremely relevant and important topic to reach out to the underprivileged adolscent girls of the Burma slum in Kurla, Mumbai.
The session was conducted on the 21st of January, 2023 in between 3-5pm.
The session was attended by *50 girls and 7 female staff members* of the NGO.
Dr Nehal Shah introduced the talk and the need for taking steps to better Menstrual Hygeine.
Dr Amruta Shirodkar delivered a talk with a small Hindi video and a ppt on Menstrual Cycle and Menstrual Hygeine.
At the end of the talk, the girls were individually consulted for their problems and clinically examined for any obvious signs of anemia.
As majority of the girls attending the session were found to be anemic, IAP Mumbai promised to deliver iron medicines for all the girls for 3 months.
The trustees appreciated the session with a request to conduct many more for the other remaining girls.
The entire program was coordinated by Dr Nehal Shah.


IAP Mumbai in collaboration with the Pediatric Department, Sir JJ group of Hospitals, Mumbai organized a special program on the occasion of National Girl Child Day.

The theme was –
“Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”.
An awareness session was arranged for all the female patients along with their mothers and the staff nurses on Nutrition, Menstrual Hygeine and Education.
Staff Nurse Makasare Malini gave an introductory talk on the NGCD. Staff Nurse Vaishali Chalke spoke on the importance of Balanced Nutrition and Menstrual Hygeine.
Dr Bela Verma, HOD Pediatrics Dept spoke on the various GOI benefit schemes available for the education of the girl child.
Various posters and drawings were exhibited on this occasion.

C) Charity activity on NGCD

IAP Mumbai in collaboration with the Dr Rajesh Pacharkar Mitra Foundation, Raigad organized a menstrual Hygeine Awareness Camp on the 25th and 27th January, 2022 in *Shriwardhan* in Raigad district as a part of the continuation of the National Girl Child Day Celebrations.

There were health talks given on the importance of Menstrual Hygeine along with Personal Hygiene. The camp was attended by more then 400 school girls, college girls and lady teachers.
We distributed packets of Sanitary napkins of a reputed brand to all these students.
The camp was very successful with an active interaction of all the participants.




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