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“I have a dream, a song to sing,
To help me cope through everything”

These are the lines sung by famous band Abba and a favorite song for me and my children.
Every parent dreams that their child should be a winner and excel in life. However, it is equally important to know your child’s potential and their field of interests and support it fully to enable him to bring out his/her best.

Here are a few tips for parents to help your child cope at school and outside.

  • Encourage, praise and applaud to step up your child’s confidence. It really matters a lot to your child.
  • Don’t criticize or insult your child at home or in public. You can calmly point out the mistake by talking and teaching what is right and wrong.
  • Do not compare your child with peers or a sibling or neighbor’s child. Every child is gifted in one way or the other; you have to nurture to enhance your child’s creativity. Recognize your child’s strength and weakness.
  • Mind relaxation technique like yoga and meditation are often a daily routine in many schools and also can be practiced at home.
  • Set a routine and make a time table to enable your child to systematically follow the study time and play time.
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