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All parents are good, all love their children and all want their children to achieve maximum potential and be something in life that the parents can be proud of. All parents have dreams and expectations from their children.
All this is normal to a certain extent. However, parents should remember that the child has his own mind and heart, his own dream, interests and aptitude.
Here are some few words of wisdoms, which I want all parents to remember:

  1. Never be afraid to show that you love your child.
  2. Allow him to grow and allow him his independence. Don’t be always interfering and impose your viewpoints on the child. Don’t pressurize him to do things, which you want but the child dislikes.
  3. Set an example at home
    Children easily pick up and learn from what they see and hear in the house. The perfect way to teach them is setting an example yourself in the house; e.g. If you want your child to help his mother in household work, it is important that you do it first yourself.
    Home and environment are very important for the development of the child’s personality. Manner, discipline, respecting elders, giving, sharing etc. can be taught to the child only when parents themselves practice these at home.
  4. Provide stimulation for the child’s aptitude and interest.
    A child who is left alone in a pram in his bedroom, a child who is left alone to play with the most expensive toys will never be able to achieve his maximum potential.
    Stimulation starts right from when the baby is in the mother’s womb. In India, we have traditions that a pregnant woman should pray, visit the temple, read holy books, for it affects the unborn baby. Believe it or not, this is true. The mother should talk to the baby when she is pregnant. Parents should play and interact with the newborn baby, who will respond back in various ways. Parents should take the baby out for walks; make him hear good music etc. Even the type of toys that you buy for your child can stimulate his skills and mental development.
    e.g. A colored rattle hanging on the cradle of a newborn babynewborns like colorful and musical objects. At nine-ten months of age, one can show colored pictures in a book. After one year of age, cubes with holes, putting rings on a rod etc. enables the child to learn new skills. At two and half years- three years-crayons for painting, doll-house, kitchen set etc. are favorites for girls.
    Last but not least, I will conclude saying, no parents or children are perfect. We all make mistakes and learn from them. However, as parents, it is our duty to love our children, give them our time, teach them the right things and enable them to achieve their maximum potential.
    Communication is the key to good parenting. It can be verbal or nonverbal. A gentle touch or caress or a hug says it all…at all stages, newborn to teens. This enhances to build a healthy and loving relationship between parents and children.
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