IAP Mumbai

Presidents Message

Respected Members,
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !

As we enter into the month of March 2022, we are all hoping to ‘return to normal’. Each and everyone of us have had our struggles with Covid, big and small, and are now optimistically looking forward to a phase where we ‘learn to live with Covid’.

For various reasons, this website of ours was in cold storage for a while. We are now reviving it and hope to maintain it henceforth.

At the Mumbai branch of our Academy, we have a new team – a blend of some young new enthusiastic faces and the well experienced rest. A team of office bearers facilitates, coordinates, guides, takes the initiative…and so on. But what an organization can achieve is directly proportional to the involvement of its members; we are large in number, and our collective inputs can work wonders. To this end, we are attempting a ‘decentralization’ of sorts.

While we will continue with online academic activities, offline activities will be resumed (Covid permitting), because learning may be better offline. Since ours is a huge city and traveling can be a challenge, we will try to hold such offline academic events at your doorstep (i.e. in each zone). As you may be already knowing, for ease of working, we have divided Mumbai into six zones and two Executive Board members will be responsible for and coordinating activities in each zone. Do reach out to them or anyone of us for any issues where our Academy can be of help to you.

Our focus this year is on trying to reach out to the community. And we can only do that with the help of each and everyone of you. So we sincerely request you to come forward and share your ideas with us, and then join us in this work. Do follow the zonal whatsapp groups and liase with the EB members of your zone. Together, we can do our bit for the welfare of the community in general, be it in the form of health education, or medical services, or helping the needy.

All work and no play makes all of us dull boys and girls! We hope to meet all of you socially as well, as and when circumstances permit. Looking forward to meeting and working with you all, and wishing you safe and healthy times ahead.

Dr Rajesh Chokhani,
President IAP Mumbai,

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